Creator Meets are a chance for creatives, especially photographers, to gather together to learn, see, and most of all do. Hear from leading creatives in the industry and shoot real briefs, meet other photographers, connect with creative directors and get valuable feedback on your work.
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“What’s left for a photographer if a product is almost invisible?”

The important question posed by Sennheiser Global Brand Design Manager Pascal Imhof challenged our Vienna creators to think beyond simple product photography. With items like headphones getting smaller, Pascal predicts the product will be nearly invisible within ten years. When this happens, photographers are faced with a unique challenge of photographing emotions, stories, moods and important moments, rather than a product.

Pascal was joined by Cem Guenes, professional photographer who has shot for brands like Jeep, BMW, Bayer, Volkswagen, Turkish Airlines and more. The pair discussed the changing product landscape and how photographers must adapt.

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Cem’s tips on scoring the job

  1. Be different from the rest, but know how to match the brand style

  2. Provide a portfolio with variety: close-ups, details, white backgrounds, copy space, focus on every aspect and provide enough variety.

  3. Have photos in your portfolio that match the brand you want to shoot for.

Pascal’s tips on shooting for the job

  1. Focus on experiences: “People buy a lifestyle, not a product.” Pascal says. Focus on what’s happening around the product rather than the product itself.

  2. Create identification: Avoid cliches and take a documentary approach.  

  3. Stay eye to eye level: Try to tell stories from the customer’s point of view.

  4. Foster imagination: Leave enough space for the viewer to imagine.

  5. Think in terms of stories, not single photos.


Pascal and Cem challenged the Vienna creators to go out and shoot Sennheiser product and capture stories and emotion. They then presented the photos and gave their feedback from a brand and photographer perspective.


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